Welcome to VisualEmotion
Actions Speak Louder Than Words
VisualEmotion LLC provides insight, analysis and understanding of non-verbal behavior. Using principles from cutting-edge research in the areas of facial coding, emotion recognition, deception detection and body language, we apply proven scientific behavioral analysis techniques across a wide variety of contexts to serve the needs of our clients.
Emotional Decision-Making
Emotions play a central part in our daily activities and decision-making because as humans, we feel before we think. Non-verbal communication, in particular facial expressions of emotion, can tell us what a person is truly feeling.
Observe, Identify, Interpret
Understanding behavioral manifestations of emotions can be critical to your objectives in any interpersonal interaction. Knowing how to observe, identify and interpret others’ emotions can be an invaluable source of information in both personal and professional contexts.
Servers, Networking & Storage
Our services have heavy processing requirements. We recommend either HP or IBM servers for hosting our application containers. For the best prices and service, visit our affiliate Spectra for all of your hardware needs.