About VisualEmotion

Since its launch in 2006, VisualEmotion has been providing facial expression coding, interpretation and analysis using the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). Through the study and analysis of involuntary facial expressions, our services help clients discover what words often mask: the truth.

VisualEmotion specializes in the following areas:

» Facial Expression Coding (FACS) and Analysis
» Emotion Scanning and Analysis of Video Media
» Emotion Recognition and Awareness Presentations
» Project Consulting
» Customized Training

While our home office is in New Jersey, we are comprised of experienced and certified FACS coders located throughout the United States. We deliver quality coding and behavioral analysis solutions to research institutions, large corporations, small businesses, government entities and individuals.

VisualEmotion utilizes the Facial Action Coding System (FACS), the most widely used and versatile method for measuring and describing facial behaviors. Developed by Dr. Paul Ekman and Dr. Wallace V. Friesen, FACS exhaustively describes all possible facial muscle movements that individually or combined can identify more than 10,000 observable facial movements, and provides objective analysis of emotional reactions. As VisualEmotion clients have already learned, the results of behavioral analysis can be invaluable in business, academic, legal or competitive environments.

Founder, President and CEO Maggie Pazian is an expert in coding facial movements using the Facial Action Coding System. Since 2003, Maggie has worked on cutting-edge research funded by organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security, DARPA, ONR, NSF and others. Maggie worked and trained with Dr. Mark Frank, the leading behavioral observation expert in the field of nonverbal communication, and has thousands of hours of experience in identifying facial muscle movements, recognizing micro expressions of emotion and nonverbal behavioral cues to deception.