Whether you’re an academic researcher, an employer or hiring professional, a researcher, attorney, a poker player or an individual looking for a competitive edge, VisualEmotion tailors its services to meet your needs.

Our primary services include:


Facial Expression Coding (FACS)
Our facial expression coding service objectively identifies and explains thousands of emotional reactions expressed through voluntary and involuntary facial expressions.

Coding services can be based off of still images or a database of videos. VisualEmotion’s certified coders have thousands of hours of coding experience, and can adjust their analysis to fit the needs of any given project. Whatever the scope or focus of the project, our coders will provide quick, reliable results.

VisualEmotion is available to consult on projects spanning from the Facial Action Coding System to emotion recognition and analysis. Contact us to find out how FACS or emotion recognition can be useful for your organization or project.
Video Analysis for Emotional Hotspots and Leakage behavior
VisualEmotion provides detailed and confidential analysis of taped interviews or situations, providing clients a detailed report of emotional hotspots and behavioral leakage cues. On the other hand we can also analyze staged scenarios to assess realistic portrayals of emotional reactions.

Training and Speaking Engagements
Understanding what another person is feeling is key to formulating your next move and ensuring that you are getting a truthful response.

Our dynamic training services teach you the seven basic emotions and nonverbal behavioral tells that are scientifically proven to communicate what a person truly feels. Trainees learn to recognize subtle traces of emotional expressions and body language cues to quickly determine potential hidden messages being communicated. Walk away with the ability to see what people don’t want you to know.

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